No Pain, No Gain

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Hamilton’s Health & Fitness

We know the age old saying goes something like ‘we’re different because…’ so we aren’t going to say that and instead, we will tell you what we do and why we are passionate about it!

Hamilton’s Health and Fitness is a boutique, private gym which has become home to transformations and converted fitness lovers. Our aim is not to bombard you with training unachievable programmes and unrealistic eating plans, but rather to instil in you a love for your body and it’s capabilities! We love to see our clients change in confidence and body shape while they realise that their health and fitness is very important. We are creating a mindset and a way of life that our clients come to stick by and enjoy. It’s a new way of life for many!

With our two experienced trainers, our group and private sessions deliver tailored exercises that are curated from your particular goals, body weight, body composition, and fitness level. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ here! We work with you and we win with you too!

We also offer eating plans which work hand in hand with your training, so that you are able to turn your life around and increase your fitness levels. We have a supplement shop at our premises which stocks all the necessary products to help you achieve your body goals.

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Get Inspired!

We are a home base for people who want to be inspired, for those who don’t know how to achieve their goals, for the people committed to trying, and the ones who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We want to make your fitness journey as seamless as possible and we want to be with you every step of the way.


Hanrie DP


I started out my journey with Hamilton’s Health in January 2020, kick-starting the process with joining the 4 week challenge.

Within the first day I knew that this process would be unlike anything else I’ve tried before, to lose weight and get healthier!

The knowledge, personal attention and genuine interest shown from Lilian & Roarke, set my mind at ease immediately. I knew I had met a ’team’ where I could belong. People who would fight this battle with me, on my side and who would truly celebrate even the smallest of victories with me!

My trainer Roarke has pushed me to achieve weight-loss and fitness milestones, that I have never been able to achieve with any other trainer. And I have tried many! He is genuinely concerned about every part of your journey, diet, exercise and mental strength. This isn’t just a ‘job’ to him, it is a passion and it shows in the results his clients get.

Together with Lilian’s years of experience in nutrition & my training sessions with Roarke, I have lost a total of 14kg in 4 Months! Down 3 pants sizes and counting! My goal weight is still on the horizon, but every single day I feel my body getting stronger and healthier. This is definitely not a temporary solution or a fad diet for me, it has become my lifestyle and I don’t miss the old Hanrie at all!

Joining Hamilton’s has without a doubt, been the best investment in my physical and mental health, that I could have ever made.

Life changing is an understatement!

Debbie Wellbeloved


I joined Lilian in January to achieve a goal of losing weight and firming up for our 20 year wedding anniversary. I had never done weight training before so did not know what to expect. My first session was brutal but Lilian was very supportive and through her unbelievable motivation and encouragement each session improved. The eating plan was amazing and I never felt hungry. Lilian sent messages to me weekly and also weighed me weekly which I found very beneficial. After a month I had lost three kgs and a lot of centimetres and my body shape had completely changed. The next two months went really well and just as I was getting into the groove of it Lockdown happened. Thanks to Lilian’s eating plan I have managed to get to the weight I wanted and have continued to train from home. I have dropped two clothes sizes and am so happy with my new shape. I can’t wait to start training again and know this will be my new way of life. I highly recommend Lilian and want to thank her for the support and encouragement as I would not have achieved this goal without her.

Ann Coetzer


I have been training with Lilian for just over a year and throughout my experience I have become stronger both physically and mentally.

I now view exercise and nutritious food as part of a healthy lifestyle and truly understand how important each of these are and the role they play in how the body functions optimally.

Lilian’s passion, dedication, years of experience and zest for life sets her apart from other trainers in the health industry.

I value what she has taught me over the last 13 months & I know with these tools I can keep reaching my goals.

Lilian’s passion to help people like me has become my inspiration to continue and never give up.