Personal & Groups

About our gym

Some people like to train in groups and others in a more personalized manner, which is why we cater for both! Roarke and Lilian offer training groups of 2-4, where the training plans will be tailored to your group and you can motivate one another while seeing the differences take place week after week. It’s a great way to train if you are feeling demotivated or are just looking for something a little more personalized when it comes to yours and your friends’ daily training!

Feel like something a little different? The Fitbox sessions with Roarke are quick bursts of our take on boxing which will have you sweating and burning calories instantly! Great for toning too.

If you are wanting some one-on-one attention and personalized movements, Roarke is your trainer! All you have to do is commit and show up…

Wondering what our sessions consist of? Each session is comprised of weight training, cardio and abdominal work as we like to tone, strengthen, and burn calories all in one. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art so that you are receiving the best of the best in expertise and with regards to facilities!

With the changing times, we have added to our repertoire our Facebook online training service at R1000 per month. With this, you receive 5 workouts and 1 stretch session per week. Our eating plan and daily posts of meal ideas, recipes, and daily motivation is included, and trust us, you will love it!