Where are we? 113 – 9th Avenue (entrance on 10th avenue), Berea, Durban. You will find Hamilton Clothing, our supplement shop, Rise Health Cafe and of course the Gym (where the magic happens!) at our premises. We are centrally located, so no matter where you are coming from to change your life around, we are easily accessible.


We offer quarterly 4 week challenges yearly where the winners generally lose anything from 8 to 15kg over a 4 week period. Cash prizes are awarded to the top 6 achievers



I have always had a passion for weight training, and have personally trained my self 4-6 days a week for the last 30 years.

I love furthering my knowledge about anything to do with changing your body, health, nutrition. I started my own Gym 13 years ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do – changing lives- My days are spent doing consults with potential new clients, I train brides for their” big day”, help clients to lose weight gained over the years along with my incredible eating plan. When I started HAMILTONS HEALTH AND FITNESS I opened up my own Health Shop within my GYM, and this has helped clients being able to have guidance with the correct supplements and eating plan, along with the Weight Training. My other passion is cooking – the healthy “lilian” way, I love experimenting with new ideas, and am currently trying to get my Recipe book out.

Age 36
Years Training – 19 years
Years martials arts-16 years

Fell in love with bodybuilding and nutrition at the age of 17 and have never looked back I chose the path of training instead of parties and in my older years I am glad I did so as I am healthy and ready for anything. Hobbies include Extreme Fishing and Martial arts. I specialise in training both male and female clients who want to tone up and for gents who want to build some lean muscle mass and strength training. For those wanting to shed some unwanted body fat, I can tailor make their programmes to do so. I also run the fitbox programme which is a great way to burn calories if you have limited time to train.